This game was an experiment written in Turbo Pascal; the goal of said experiment was to see if I could design a network that could be trained to play a game in a similiar manner that the robot plays - given certian f acts about the state of the game universe it would use a simple decision tree to pilot the ship to the player and try to destroy it. In theory the network should have learned the behavior but it never got it - well now that I think about it I know what the flaw was in the training. Well I think I will put the trained network back in in the second version of this game. There is also an intent to write this as a multiplayer network game with 2 teams and a vicious hoard of robot ships.

The object of the game is simple just kill the other ship - one shot kills, once one of the players is dead - you see a pretty explosion and then the game resets.
Use Arrow Keys - Left and Right turn the ship. Tapping the Up Arrow will start your ship moving, holding it down will cause you to go double speed. The back arrow if it is tapped will bring your ship to an all stop. Tapping the space bar will cause your laser cannon to fire. it is a short range beam and is intstant so you will not to lead your target to blast him out of the sky. Be aware if you are killed, when you ship is reset you will have to let go of what ever keys you were holding down since they will not affect the new instance of the ship
You have 24 degrees of movement - that explains why sometimes the enemy ship gets close to you, stops moving, and just fires missing you by just a hair - because its is governed by a very simple set of rules; It does not plan, it simply reacts and that is what made its behavior something that would be good to train to a neural network.

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