Java Gnats Applet

    The Gnats Applet will open in a new window.
The object of the game is to trap the moving black dots (gnats) into the green zone.
When the gnats are successfully trapped in the green zone the red blocks will turn
blue. Try to trap the gnats in the fewest number of moves possible. Watch out! Those
pesky gnats can zip between the corners of diagonal blocks if the target block it wants
to go to is open.

    Gnats was programmed by Lance Nevard and myself. Gnats is based
on a game called Pixie which can be found at - Click this link to go to
the Pixie game directly. We liked the idea, made the board bigger gave the bugs a slight
random wave motion and the ability to zip through corners just to give them that extra
annoyance factor. :)

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