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    Welcome to Debtorman! Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate your player through the maze, watch out for the scissors or your spending days are over! :)
    While you play the game you can control the speed using the number keys. 1 is the slowest and 0 is the fastest, you can fine tune it with the + and - keys, the default speed is 6.

Notice! I got rid of the AudioClip routines and used something else. It should now be a lot smoother now. :)
About Debtorman: DebtorMan was created by John Hershey, yup I drew all the pictures and programmed all the logic (tho I'd like to blame that on someone else, but one must take personal responsibility for what they do.) in the span of 2 solid months of grabbing a free hour here and there and on lunch breaks and whatnot to bring DebtorMan to the people at the 2004 CRSoftware Users Conference. As you can tell and it is credited on the splash screen that DebtorMan was inspired by Pac-Man. Enjoy! :)