Java Daemons!


Game Play Instructions
A Move Left
S or D Move Right
Other Commands...
T Toggle Sound On/Off



 About Java Daemons!

  Java Daemons is a Demon Attack style game. Aliens hover about in the sky and they will shoot at the player. The player runs [his|her] tank along the ground trying to destroy the invaders. After a few waves of aliens, a boss creature will come out and if the player can kill it , then the player wins.  

 Java Daemons! Development

  Java Daemons at this time is a prototype. The code is in constant development. At this moment the game is playable, but there is no end and the player at this time has infinite lives.
  There will be a time, hopefully soon where I will have a boss creature or two and the game will have newer enemies that are harder to kill and the player will have a finite lives.   Below is a table that describes what and when I made a new feature or a change to an old one.

Date Add/Change Feature
03-09-2000 Added 'D' key to move the player right (user request).
Added feature to let player control the running man. :)
03-10-2000 Added a new Blue fighter that has a limited ability to dodge the player's shots.
03-23-2000 I have just started to add sounds to the game.
Added an auto fire ability to the cannon, so if the player holds down the SPACEBAR the cannon will fire fast enough that it will be possible to shoot down the bullet dodgers.
05-30-2000 Started to build a title screen for the game.
06-22-2000 My friend Paul Chapola has written a few pieces of music for the game. The tracks are really cool and I hope to integrate them into Java Daemons soon.



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