Whack A Debtor

This is a Whack a Mole Style Game. I made it back in 2003 and had it shown and distributed at the 2003 CRSoftware LLC Users Conference.


Note: Click on the applet so it starts to respond to user input.
  Put the mouse cursor on the target (Debtor's head) to hit it. The mallet follows the cursor around looming over and to the left of the target, when the mallet swings it comes to the point that was clicked.
  By default the sounds are turned off, press 'S' to toggle sound.
  If nothing showes up you might not have a Java Virtual Machine installed on your browser.


 Green Debtor Plus  Dollars
 Blue Debtor Plus  Dollars
 Gray Debtor Plus  Dollars
 Lawyer Minus  Dollars

Get the Code

Click here for the GitHub Repository