Conway's Game of Life


This is a version of Conway's Game of Life.

Command Mode

When the simulation starts out you will see a bunch of Red, Green , and Blue patches, these are cells, they will start off with the default rule set: Birth a cell if it has exactly 3 living neighbors, survive if you have 2 or 3 living neighbors, die next turn if it has more or less.
Command Mode to access command mode you press the SPACEBAR (when applet has focus) and you will see the following options (wording in cyan): R-Reset Game, B - Birth Toggle, S - Survive Toggle, and E - Edit Mode. Also the simulation will run slower while you are in command mode.
To exit command mode press the SPACEBAR.
Reset Game in Command mode and not in Edit mode if you press R the simulation will reset and start over in a new random state; Any Birth or Survive Toggle changes you had made will remain.
Birth Toggle The word 'Birth' will display after 'Enter Command' use numbers 1 through 8 to toggle the birth number; 0 does nothing, but it will display. If you have numbers 3 and 6 visible, that means an empty space that has exactly 3 or 6 living neighbors will come to life in the next turn.
Survive Toggle Like Birth Toggle, you can use numbers 0 through 8, this means if you have a living cell and they have X number of living neighbors at the current turn, they will live to the next turn. Example if numbers 2 and 3 are visible then any living cell that has exactly 2 or 3 living neighbors, not including itself will live to the next turn. When Survive Toggle is on you will see the word 'Survive' in magenta next to 'Enter Command' followed by the survival numbers.
Edit Mode When you enter Edit Mode, the Edit Commands Lettering will change to a yellow color and the simulation will be suspended. Pressing E will exit Edit Mode if you are in command mode.
Note the Reset Game option will not work in Edit Mode.
in Edit Mode you can click on the play field and toggle a cell, if you click and then drag the mouse you will draw a line (sort of) if a cell was present it will be removed, if a cell was not there a white cell will take its place. You can hit the space bar to get out of command mode and you will still be in edit mode; it makes drawing a little easier. To resume the simulation go into command mode and press E


Regular and Command Mode Zooming As the simulation start you will see the cells change sizes and things will look either squashed or stretched, this is due to the fact the simulation is scaling the world to keep all cells in view.
In normal running mode (Default when Applet Starts) or in Command mode you can zoom in on a specific region by mouse left click and hold, then drag until the glowing rectangle is the correct size and then release. You will get a static viewing region. You can zoom in further doing the same action.
To Zoom all the way back out, just right click and you will see the entire world again. Sometimes it is easy to mis-click and you zoom in a very small area (like 3x3 or less), just right click to get out.
Edit Mode Zooming In Edit Mode you cannot click and drag a view since that is used to draw cells. To do the Zoom Command in Edit Mode you must hold down the Z key and then left click hold and drag and release just like the other modes. To Edit the zoom mode you hold Z and right click.


If you download the Executable Jar File it will run much faster on your PC. This piece of code is very rough and there will be many changes to come. Right click and save target as on This Jar Link
You can also get the source at GitHub