D o n u t   C o m m a n d

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Welcome to Donut Command! Based off of the popular 80's game Missile Command. Donuts rain down from the sky and they are aiming for your collectors! Thrills, Chills, and minutes of Fun!

How to Play

Click anywhere on the title screen to start the game. The object of the game is simple, protect the collectors who are working below. You do this by shooting the donuts before the reach the collectors. Also do not let donuts strike the missile base (bottom center of screen where the mugs come from) otherwise you will lose some ammunition. Sometimes you will be targeted by the annoying donut box, which makes a high pitched chirping sound, that has a limited ability to dodge some fire making it harder to hit. When all of the collectors are destroyed the game is over.

Speed Control

There is a speed control for the game, 1 is the slowest setting, and 0 is the fastest; numbers 2-9 are steps in between; the default is 6.You can also use the +/- keys to tweak the speed.

Scoring and Ammunition

You will earn bonus collectors when your score reaches a certain threshold. So at the end of a level you may have lost all of your men, but one will appear and you'll advance to the next level.
Ammunition - You receive 2 stock piles of ammunition and receive and extra stock of ammo for every 2 active collectors. Each pile of ammunition has 28 bullets, it would be wise to not waste it.

Get the Code

The code is hosted on github you can get a copy here: https://github.com/lordhershey/donut-command

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