Dead Beats from Mars


Welcome to a Space Invaders Clone! Written in 2008

How to Play

Click the title screen and the game starts. Hold down either the left or right arrow key to move and use the spacebar to fire. You can only have 2 shots in flight at a time, this may change in the near future. I am thinking to implement a pool of bonus shots the player can fire for every X number of aliens or for every bonus ship they hit.

Speed Control

There is a speed control for the game, 1 is the slowest setting, and 0 is the fastest; numbers 2-9 are steps in between. Hit '0' you know you want to.

Scoring and Ammunition

Cannot remember what number of points you need to get a bonus ship. I'll check the code later, or you can do that yourself, the source is available on GitHub.

Get the Code

The code is hosted on github you can get a copy here: