ToDo Make this pull updates off of a database or redo this site using either wordpress or drupal... Got a suggestion send me mail. Thanks!
Chrome has shot down the NPAPI plugin support, the java applets on this site will no longer work in the chrome browser. I will make pages with downloadable jar files at some point. Not sure if I will continue with Java Applets from this point on. I will still make some games, not sure if it will be Javascript or regular old binaries.
Hey if I met you at the Hacker X gathering, this is the JavaScript/css Game I was talking about.
I know you can use Java's BigInteger to get a number that has absolutely no upper bound, you can make a number grow forever and compute a large Fibonacci number if you like, but I wanted to try to do it with more primitive scheme, something that could be done on a small machine. This program will compute a large Fibonacci Number using a string in expanding files: C_Source_1 The numbers in the files are in reverse order, my goal was to have its results and intermediate results to be human readable. Here I have a slightly more efficient program C_Source_2 that runs a lot faster, but you will not be able to easily read the work files. Both programs will output the result to the console when they are done. I will need to make a page describing the code and the millionth (now computing the second millionth number). The nth Fibbonacci number can be quickly computed using the golden ratio, these programs do it the naive way (computing each number in sequence). This method is slow though, give me a few weeks and I will change it to use matrix multiplication scheme, and then after that we will try the repeated squaring.
Greenfoot made games now appear listed in the Games page, the games are hosted on the greenfoot.org site. Click here to visit my greenfoot.org site profile.
Hello! Welcome to my site. This is the place were I put various Java Applets and Games as well as other bits of code I may have developed for my own amusement. I have been adding links to github on the pages as I update them from the old site, which can be seen using the old site link in this paragraph. The next thing I wish to tackle is the SkyDive (see old site) link so that is works using an i[pad|pod] or other mobile device; since it is a simple program that should not be an impossible task.
Why the name lordhershey.com? Well it was a nickname that I did not give to myself, it is because I give out bit of artwork and I know a fair bit about path searching, AI, and some other bits that I am always willing to help with. Also happens to be my handle on Facebook thought I do not have a public profile at this time you can always send a friend request or send me a message.
On this site I put my old java games or bits of code/samples for people to play and download. As I go about creating other little bits and pieces they will be put here.
As this site is coming up I have a copy of the Old Site so the content can be accessed before everything is re-faced and expanded.
Click this Link to Email me, thanks.